Al-Rahmah School (ARS)
School Nurse

Sr. Kinza Siddiqui, RN.BSN.MS

Sr. Kinza has over 30 years of experience working as a Nurse in hospitals in many areas of Nursing including ICU, ER, and Pediatrics. She has also worked as a Nurse Consultant for 5 years in DC in the private sector. She graduated with a BS Degree in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University and also holds a Masters in Obstetrical Nursing. She joined Al-Rahmah School as a Nurse in 2019. Nursing is her passion. She has also worked as a Substitute School Nurse in Baltimore County Public schools in her free time. Sr. Kinza loves children and youth. She is a grandmother of 3 small children. Her interests are listening to religious lectures in her free time, reading updated research in the medical field, and traveling to see different parts and cultures of the world.