Board of Education

Sharif S. Silmi, Esq. | Chair of Board

General Services | Finance


Br. Sharif joined the Board of Education in October of 2017. He is an active proponent of fostering excellence in Islamic educational institutions. Br. Sharif has previously served as a board member of Salam Academy in Sacramento, California and as a volunteer advisor for the Northstar School in Hayward, California.

Dr. Madiha Tahseen | Vice Chair of Board

Human Resource | Mental Health


Dr. Madiha Tahseen has been an ISB community member since 2006 when she moved to Baltimore. She holds a PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology and is passionate about helping the next generation thrive and achieve the unimaginable in a sociopolitical context that seeks to shut them down.

Iffath Farzana

Academic Affairs


Having completed her B.A. in Biological Sciences and a Certificate in Secondary Education from the University of Maryland, Sr. Iffath has performed as a dedicated educator placing her intellect, knowledge and talent to further advance Al-Rahmah School. She uses her pedagogical lens to develop, review and coordinate support for school curriculum, instruction and resources.

Saadi Patel | General Secretary

Alumni Affairs


Br. Saadi attended Al-Rahmah School in the 1980s and currently has children and relatives attending the school.  Professionally, Br. Saadi serves in a director role in Washington D.C.

Saad Malik

Council Liason


Br. Saad serves as the Secretary of Education on the ISB Council and is a voting member of the Board of Education. He is a product of Al-Rahmah School and earned his B.A. in Political Science and History from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in 2016.  In 2019, Br. Saad earned his J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law with a concentration in Litigation and Advocacy.

Rehan Alavi


Br. Rehan is an IT professional with a graduate degree in Information Systems Technology.  He is a parent and advocate providing IT, Operations, and General Services support to Al-Rahmah School.

Dr. Najla Abdur-Rahman, M.D., FAAP | PTSC President

PTSC Representative


Dr. Najla Abdur-Rahman holds a medical degree from JHSOM and practices Pediatric Medicine in the Catonsville area. She has been a community member of ISB for over 20 years and has 4 children who have attended/attend Al-Rahmah Nursery and Al-Rahmah School (ARS) with the 5th to join the nursery next fall In shaa’ Allah. Dr. Najla, as part of the PTSC, focuses on enhancing the ARS experience for parents, students and teachers with a focus on community initiatives to bring the ARS and entire ISB community together in support of the school.