Lunch Card Reload

Student ID Card, Meal Card, and School Library Card

The My ARS Link Card serves as a combined Student ID, Meal Card, and School Library Card.


  • Student ID Card: Helps school staff and security identify enrolled students to allow access to secured school premises. 
  • Meal Card: Pay for their meals at the Barakah Bistro at ISB. 
  • School Library Card: Check out textbooks, materials, and resources. 

Parents can scan the QR code on the back of the card or visit to load more funds on the card for lunch purchases. 


Please, know that the barcode number and PIN on the back of the card will be required when reloading funds. 

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs:


How do I load funds onto the card?

Funds can be added by scanning the QR on the rear side of the card or by visiting  The 16-digit Square barcode number (at the bottom of the back of your card) and PIN would be needed in order to add funds. 


What to do if the card is lost?  Can the card be canceled? What happens to the funds remaining on the lost card?

If a card is lost, please get in touch with the ARS office at 410.719.0921 or email [email protected].  The lost card can be suspended, and any funds on the card can be transferred to a new card.


Is there a fee for replacement cards?

There is a $5 fee for replacement cards which will be added as an incidental charge to the monthly FACTS bill. 


What happens if there are insufficient funds on the card when my child goes to purchase a meal?
Students will still receive their lunch meal, and an incidental charge will be added to their monthly FACTS bill. Please email [email protected] for any additional questions.