Monday Thru Friday 8:45 Am – 8:55 AM

Meet our Weekly Ansar: Shaim Yusuf Hassan


Shaim is in the fourth grade and she enjoys crocheting.   She lives with her mom, Josephine, and her 2 siblings in Kenya. Shaim has been part of the Orphan Sponsorship Program since 2011.


It only takes $365.00, ($1 a day) to provide education, healthcare, housing, and basic needs for Ishmal for the entire WHOLE YEAR.


Think about it:  Each dollar you collect and donate 

will take care of an Ansar for 1 entire day.  

How amazing is that?

The following mobile payment apps can also be used.  (Indicate the student name and grade).  Any questions or concerns contact Br. Naveed Ahmad 410-926-7475.


  • Venmo – @DMV-Nomad
  • Cash App – $RJGyro
  • Zelle – 410-926-7475

What is something or who is someone you are responsible for and how can you practice service towards them?

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