ARS Student Email Info Guide


ARS students need to access their Google Classroom for announcements and resources. Parents, please guide your student to activate their email addresses using the guide posted here:


We have set up Al-Rahmah School emails for all of our 2023-2024 students to provide easy access to resources, updates and communications for both students and parents.


We value our students’ privacy and online safety and due to this reason school emails have been created for all Al-Rahmah School students. This will increase security and accessibility to the features of our learning management system, such as Clever, Google Classroom, Google Meet, WordWall, Quizlet, etc.


Please bear in mind that these student emails are the ONLY emails students must use for school online platforms and applications.


In the case that you or your child lose access to the primary student email, we have set your (the parent’s) personal email which we have on file as the recovery email. This can be used to regain access if your child is locked out of the account and/or to recover or change passwords.


To sign in to your child’s account please click here.


Please reset the password for your child’s account from the account security settings before using it, to know more please click here.