Annual Essay Panel Competition

On Saturday, January 18th the Mafiq Foundation Annual Essay Panel Contest (EPC) was held at Tarbiyah Academy in Elkridge. This year’s theme was “The Prophet of Peace and Justice: In the Footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (SAS).”


Six students represented Al-Rahmah School at the event and participated in the essay/speech competition. Masha’Allah, they all did a great job presenting their essays in front of judges and an audience. Two students even placed in their level! All the winning essays from the competition will be published in volume nine of “Young Muslim Voices,” published by Mafiq Foundation and sold on Amazon.


Alhamdulilah this was a great experience for the participating ARS students. Insha’Allah, Al- Rahmah School students will continue to participate in this wonderful event and gain valuable writing and public speaking skills.

By Jenna Awadallah, SGA President