Virtual Learning Policies and Expectations

2020-2021 Guidelines for Parents and Students

Download here.

As the pandemic situation continues to evolve, so will our program. Every 30 days we will re-evaluate the situation and consider our steps moving forward so that we can ensure a safe, effective, and enriched learning experience for all of our students.

The school office will remain open for remote inquiries from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM during virtual learning. If you wish to set an appointment with a member of the administration, please contact the front office or email the respective staff member directly to set a time for a virtual meeting. In-person meetings will be limited and only considered in more urgent situations. 

School Leadership Contact

If you wish to contact the school leadership, you may do so via email or by calling the school front office at 410-719-0921.

Tech Support for Parents

For tech support, please contact [email protected] to submit your request. Please allow one full business day to receive a reply. 

RenWeb Support

For any inquiries regarding RenWeb, please contact the Program & Office Administrator, Donna Khan at [email protected] or submit a request through the tech support ticket email listed above. 

Enrollment and BOOST Inquiries and Support

For any inquiries regarding Enrollment or BOOST Scholarship please contact the Enrollment & Communications Coordinator, Kirin Smith at [email protected]

Access to Technology

We understand that not everyone may have access to technology at home. Please contact the Tech Support Team as soon as possible to discuss the feasibility of loaning electronic devices.

Communication is imperative for the effective implementation of a virtual learning program. Consistent communication regarding any questions or concerns will help the teachers and the school better support each student. If a communication is sent during school hours, teachers will respond promptly to student and parent inquiries. The school will be utilizing two main forms of communication:


  • RenWeb: Used for email communications. Parents will also be receiving a weekly guardian summary with updates on students’ grades, upcoming assignments, etc.
  • Remind App: Used for teacher-parent two-way communication during working hours. This is meant for quicker correspondences, such as reminders, quick inquiries, and urgent announcements. You can download this app here.
  • Student Al-Rahmah Emails: All enrolled students have been issued an email in order to increase security and accessibility to the features of our learning program, such as Google Classroom and Google Meet. These student emails are the ONLY emails students are to use during virtual learning.

Parents should have received communication indicating how to set-up and access the email account. In the case that a parent or child loses access to the primary student email, the parent’s personal emails on file are set as the recovery and secondary email. These can be used to regain access if a student is locked out of the account or to recover/change passwords. In addition, parents will receive regular guardian summaries informing them of their child’s progress, assignments, and tests to their personal email. You can check out this feature here


It is imperative for parents to check any communications shared with them to stay updated on the students learning experience and to address any questions or concerns which may arise.

Student attendance for all live Google Meet sessions is mandatory.  Attendance will be taken daily and inputted into RenWeb. If your child(ren) is unable to attend the session and will be absent during the whole or part of the school day, a written email communication must be sent to the student’s teacher and respective Coordinator. Please note if a student is consistently absent, follow up communication from the Coordinators, Aminah Galal for Elementary School and Halimah Scott for Middle School may occur. 

Students are required to have their cameras ON during all virtual learning sessions.

Homework and Classwork will be focused on allowing students to practice and apply what they have learned during direct instruction. While it is imperative for students to complete homework, the amount will also not be overwhelming and students should be given a reasonable amount of time to complete it. The standardization of our learning platform (Google Classroom) will make it easier for students, and parents supporting younger students, to turn in any assigned homework.