School is a place where the first social and community life of your child starts. It becomes a second home for boys and girls, all of whom are naturally curious about the world around them, as well as excited about learning. Sholary’s curriculum is designed to build on this natural curiosity and to channel the enthusiasm of the boys into a lifelong love for learning, discovery and understanding.Throughout all four grades of our education boys and girls are exposed to a rich, broad curriculum through which they develop a strong foundation of basic academic skills, as well as a vast range of experiences in which they can learn.

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Sheikh Saad Baig

Head of School

Alima Maryam Azam

Tariqah Program Director
Lateefah Muhammed

Lateefah Muhammed

Baderah Abudweih

Baderah Abudweih

Arabic and Islamic Studies
Halimah Scott

Halimah Scott

Math Teacher
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What People Say

I was recommended to choose Scholary for my son. I visited school, talked to teachers and students and found so many opportunities, that I had no doubts what decision to make.

Helen Shultz Accountant

I loved teaching staff from our first meeting. I saw they are intelligent, open-hearted and educated. My children now have a very strong base for further education.

John Doe Company CEO

I want to thank all teachers who do their best to provide our children with qualitative and useful knowledge. They perfectly mix education and play – children are satisfied with this!

Mary Fox Journalist
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